With respect to the current corona virus pandemic we would like to initiate the following guidelines to help keep you, ourselves and our loved ones safe.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OUR OFFICE SPACE. All transactions can and will be made via the telephone. PLEASE CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO OUR FACILITY. Mulch orders for delivery can be made via the phone. Thank you for understanding.

  • Please conduct business via the telephone (508)428-2613
    • Receipts can be emailed to you
    • If you are an AR customer, we would appreciate it if you would allow us to write your employees’ names on each receipt with a PO or job name to suffice as signature until further notice
  • If you would like to order mulch or soil for delivery, PLEASE CALL US to set up the delivery and pay with CREDIT CARD over the phone. IF YOU ARE COMING IN TO PICK UP PRODUCT PLEASE CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO OUR FACILITY.
    • We can provide receipt upon delivery or via email
    • If you would like to come and see the mulch in person, we encourage you to do so, but also encourage you to phone us once your choice is made.
  • DO NOT ENTER OUR OFFICE out of respect for our employees and their families.
  • If you are dropping off or picking up PLEASE CALL US WHEN YOU ARE AT OUR FACILITY, we prefer you calling while you are here and not prepaying. Thank you for understanding. 

We appreciate your business and the relationship we have cultivated with you over the years. Your willingness to be proactive and stand with us in our fight against this virus is a testament to who we are as a community. Thank you for helping us do our part to keep our family, friends and neighbors safe and healthy in the coming weeks/months.


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns you may have at: or

Office: (508) 428-2613

From all of us at Cape Resources, be well.

Thank you,

Inga and Patrick Gregory

Office/Operations Managers