Premium Dark Mulch Premium Dark Mulch More info
Red Mix Mulch A pine, spruce, hemlock mix More Info
Premium Red Mulch A color enhanced red mulch More Info
Natural Hemlock Mulch A mixed hemlock bark mulch More Info
Black Forest Mulch A color enhanced black mulch More Info
1/2” Screened Loam Quality topsoil, rich in organic matter, speeds up germination of grass seed, and is great for new lawn construction, lawn repairs, or as a topdressing.  More Info
1/2” Screened Compost All natural leaf and grass compost, is rich in organic matter, and is perfect for planting beds, vegetable and flower gardens, and topdressing lawns. More Info
1/2″ SUPER Soil A blend of our super rich 1/2″ Screened Compost and 1/2″ Screened Loam
ULTRA MULCH A blend of premium dark mulch and compost ideal for rose gardens
Old Oak Landscape Aggregate Products   More Info