Welcome to Cape Resources Company

“Where beautiful gardens begin and end”

Cape Resources Company (Marstons Mills, MA) is a division of WeCare Organics, LLC., providing yard waste disposal as well as a full compliment of premium, natural, soil and bark mulch products to suit a variety of landscaping applications and needs.

All of our products are screened, and contain only natural materials, with NO pallet wood or construction debris.

Cape Resources Company is a fully operational manufacturing and retail yard-waste recycling facility providing local municipalities, homeowners and landscapers alike, an environmentally responsible disposal alternative for yard wastes of every kind. LeafThese clean waste materials are then processed and recycled at Cape Resources into high-quality landscape products including mulch, and loam and compost which are rich in organic matter and supremely beneficial to the sandy soils of Cape Cod.

OUR OFFICE DOORS ARE LOCKED AND ALL BUSINESS MUST BE CONDUCTED OVER THE PHONE. If you are picking up or dropping off, PLEASE CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE and have your credit card ready. Thank you!

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