Yard Waste Disposal

Cape Resources Company accepts brush, stumps, logs, leaves and grass clippings from landscapers, homeowners and municipalities alike for drop off only.

Please note: Cape Resources is a steward of the land, recycling natural yard wastes into reusable products that enhance the beauty of local properties; a valuable waste-management resource for the Cape. It is not only unethical to dispose of anything other than the aforementioned wastes at our facility, but it is unlawful, and can damage our equipment beyond repair. Anyone caught or suspected of disposing anything other than brush, stumps, logs, leaves and/or grass clippings at Cape Resources will be reported to authorities, and prohibited from entering Cape Resources property again. We thank you for your compliance as well as your patronage.

Final Product Delivery

Cape Resources provides delivery of products in quantities of 3 to 100 cubic yards.

We make every effort to manufacture high quality products as well as provide prompt courteous deliveries to our customers. For large quantity deliveries, please call us so that we may work to accommodate your budget and your schedule.

For 20 yards or less of product, click here for Delivery Rates, and call us to schedule.